Sunday, October 23, 2005

cappucino con baileys

so my new favorite drink is a cappucino with baileys... ooooh its wonderful., we all know i drink way to much coffee already and then you add something just tasty to it, its great. my favorite it probably grillos or the restuarant that i go to weekly and still can't remember the name of... anyway, last night me and a couple random buddies went to the steak house right outside of palau about 10 minutes... ohhh my its the best food i've had since i got here!!! so for an appetizer everyone else was chowing down on these huge mushrooms which just didn't look pretty to me so i got this bowl of tomato soup... i don't think i have had that in a couple years... it was amazing!!! i thought of my mom the whole time cause she loves tomato soup, and if she ever has this sh'ell never go back to campbells again. ever. then you usually get a couple different courses cause they're supposed to be small enough to get the multiple courses...i got a pasta with big flat noodles, tomatoes, and shrimp, and a chicken/shrimp thing that i didn't touch cause i was so full. on topn of that fun i looked like the group alcoholic, i had ordered one thing and ended up wth 5 drinks... i ordered a beer and then changed my mind but the waitress didn't understand and still brought the beer, then the cappucino with baileys was a little tiny teacup of cappucino with 2 shot glasses with baileys on ice. then one of the guys bought a bottle of champaigne for the whole table (minus the driver!-don't need to be part of one of the many alcohol related incidents!) ... so i have 2 shots baileys, beer, beer glass, champaigne glass, cappucino, and water in front of me. i didn't come anywhere near finishing it all but again, the food was absolutely wonderful. new fave.
so besides the food here, everything is going pretty smoothly...this week i'm going to ICR (inter culteral relations)... a class that you have to go to for a week to be able to move off the ship and understand italians and not piss them off. there's a couple other random things i need to do... another class and go in front of the masterchief of the boat to see if i can pass her questions about letting people into my future home and whatnot. i want a roommate... its much happier... but i haven't found anyone quite yet that i would actually want to live far its either girls from the ship that just wouldn't want to ever live in the same with for one reason or another... they're nasty or partiers or whatever and wouldn't care less if you had to sleep or not... or they're guys that wouldn't keep their hands to themselves.... righhhht. so i am probably going to end up by myself for a while and go from there. YAYYYYYY moving off the big floating piece of metal thats my mansion on water, .. i look so forward to having room for my clothes ...and having them near for that matter... my clothing it mostly in the coffin locker or the stand up locker in the berthing, and i sleep and shower and everyting in medical, it has muuuch nicer and cleaner areas for i pretty much go down the 4 decks to the berthing to just grab clothes or trade shoes or whatever. kindof a pain in the ass but could be worse. i'm on duty today...going to bum some laundry soap off someone cause i forgot to buy some...and do my mass amount of laundry today since i get to wear civilian clothes for a week. yayyy...and ohh i'm switching jobs against my will to the front desk of medical since the guy up there now is leaving the command,.. i've never done paperwork and computor jobs...i never wanted to ... i get in fights with computors daily... this should be interesting.. i don't know if this is a good or bad thing necesarily,, i don't like sickcall all that much, but i like doing patient care a hell of a lot for than paper pushing... aye caramba i don't know. we'll see how that goes.
and no paps this week!!! BIGGER YAYYYYYYYY!!!!
(for me anyway!)
have a beautiful day alL!!! aloha~~

Friday, October 07, 2005

40 assorted flavors jelly beans

So this week has definately been overall of the better since being here. most everything, minus one minor thing with a pt and coworker (long story short, trying to do a procedure on some poor guy while i wasn't getting the best of assistance... worked out fine but looked pretty stupid)... anyway, otherwise it went wonderful. this afternoon my docs treated everyone that was off to a couple of beers with the congrats that it was a long, hectic, but really well done week, especially since we have half the poeple working at the moment since people are on leave and classes outside of here and whatnot. and we're already at 2/3 of the amount of corpsman that we're supposed to have, before losing them. so this afternoon we got off early and were out of here by 1... that was beautiful. that was a 1st. haven't gotten off before at least 3 or before. we piled around a couple of outside 'crystal bar' tables under huge umbrellas, hoping we were between rains while there and had sandwiches and beer... got to meet one of my docs wife and very new baby.. she (wife) was awesome.. we talked pretty much the whole time. they are both from oregon so we got to have the 'hey did you know him and her and them to?" talk and of course knew no one since we realized somewhere in there she grad'd 10 years before me so i probably wouldn't know her friends.. ha. anyway, always fun reminising about random places in oregon across the world... then i went shopping and finally found some hairthings!!! (the highlight of the day) i've been begging everyone for hairties and wearing broken-tied together ones for weeks cause the only ones they had were neon green ones and large blue flowers and stuff that i couldn't really wear with uniform.. don't think i could pull it off! came back here to drop off bags, layed down to wait for the next boat off the island which wouldn't be for like 45 minutes... was reading a magazine i bought...and then just woke up 3 hours later. so i'm not going anywhere anymore.. i'm on duty tomorrow so i'm going to go back to sleep now since its 10. i feel like an old man.
we'll see how the weekeend goes... are we going to have the loving drunks this weekend?? last weekend was payday weekend so usually the weekend after poeple are either regretting last weekend to much or broke and regretting last weekend and don't get to horrible retarded and control their alcohol levels. who knows>
off to sleep!!! caioooooo

Sunday, October 02, 2005

alcoholics weekend

herrrrrow!! how ya doin?? this week is bound to be pretty good... i'm excited because my loving supervisor i talked about is on leave for a week.. small break , but still a break seeing as i work with him 8 hours a day... thats like 40 something hours away from him! its greeeeat.
the one pic outside is in the piazza... this is the night i played pool quite well ... the middle guy is texas friend jesse ray, cracks me up. the other pic is with peanut ( i only know his nickname for some reason..) and mikey.. fun friends.
so this weekend was interesting... we got paid the other day so of course people go out and have to much fun... it happens every payday weekend. i was on duty friday.. there was a couple interesting drunks i got to hang out with ... all night. (went to sleep at 8am). the one blew a .25 alcohol level; legally drunk is .08%!!!!!!!! and amazingly he was still breathing... because he has quite an alcohol tolerance. arrrgh. anyway, after being puked on and (spaghetti, vodka, veggies, and jeger!... cause i know you wanted to know this!) and then threatened to be punched- fist 6 inches from my face.. (at this point i ducked away and called security and let the bigger guys deal with him) i'll say he was one of my more interesting drunk idiot pt's i've had. apparently they had pretty much the same happen thurs night...and again last night, except last night being a bit more interesting. i wasn't on duty, but happened to be here when someone came for help... when we got outside to the smoking area they had the guy pinned to the ground by 4 guys because he was trying to jump off the side of the boat.. he was a bit drunk to. so basically i think coming monday we'll never be able to leave the ship again, last week the captain of the boat said, in short, he was sick of liberty incidents, and one more comes and the whole ship is getting punished. awesome. how bout 4 in 3 days, el capitan! dammmmn.
otherwise life is good. i got my pistol quals again,... i had them but they never made it in my record since the hospitals personell dept was a little screwed up, and by the time i looked i had long ago lost proof of it since i had moved. anyway, went shooting at the little trailer gun range here... i enjoyed rubbing it in a few peoples faces when they were freaking out that a girl aimed better than them. see i don't care otherwise, but when you throw a fit about it, of course i'll make it known. it was even better when that night i played the best games of pool i've ever played and ran the table for an hour... twice ...against the same guys. hehehe.
so i'm on my way out the door in a few minutes... going to go out since come tomorrow, who knows what idiotic curfew and new rules we'll have. aaarf
caioooo :) aleah

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

chili peppers!!!

ode to a busy day today, getting my day full of women exams done, seeing a few pt's, slicing open someones leg (i'm seeing the love as a surgeon!... no scratch that... a trauma doc..they get to cut things also), and getting a first experience with ship std's. ohhh the joy. not something ya want (not like we didn't know that..but eeek)
so tonight i'm on my way out to town for a little bit to grab some grub and go with friend chris to get his qtip *hair a bit of a fro when not trimmed* trimmed.. i'm beat though. i would pass out now if i got the chance! sleep sleep. i'm excited for this weekend, i have no duty days... meaning i get to sleep in and go out and not have to be back to fall asleep early by 10! sleep in til 1!!! JOY>>
i'm getting the hang out this place... one big trouble that tends to pop up is our ever pleasant supervisor who's very, very...military oriented? i mean, yeah i'm in the military, but occasionally he goes boot camp on us and treats us like 5 yr olds.. it gets interesting. i got written up and had a formal counseling on paper yesterday for 'interupting' him while he was talking to the doc.. needless to say, i didn't exactly 'blatently interupt' him and 'embarress' him like he says... it was blown a bit out of proportion. ha. i was angry the other day cause it was so ridiculous, but then by the time i was sitting there signing the paper that goes into my military record i thought it was so stupid i didn't care. i didn't fight. i and everyone else there new it was him going crazy about it...even the doc who i asked specifically about it.. he had no idea what i was talking about cause i was so insignificant.
anyway, i asked every person here how many counseling chits they've recieved since being here... every single person has gotten at least one... and trust me..pretty much all of the reasons are leaning towards his need to maintain his arrogance.
otherwise i haven't left the boat in 3 days... i get a little busy seeing pt's all day that i don'thave time to write their assessments until after we get off-about 4pm. thats anywhere from 10- 45 minutes for each note-- usually about 8 of them. not finishing them till 9.. yeah i need some fresh air and real food. today i only had 3 because of all the gyn exams- i just standby for those- no notes!! woooohoooo
off to get food-- it feels like about 5pm.. its 6;45. caiooooooooo bellas and bellos...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

the joy of pap day

the picture has nothing to do with anything now, i just was lookin through all those pics out of the blue. thats me and brother brandon resurecting our swing dancing moves from stardust ball band days of mcnary in k-town oreeeeegon...
so for all of you that don't know, here on the ship i now run the womens health program - pregnancies, annual gyn exams, etc.(besides doing sickcall every day) so today i'm proud to say today was definately the all time funniest one i've ever been involved with... the woman had me and the doc cracking up laughing making jokes and stumping us asking 'so whats it look like down there'? ok, i've never been asked to physically describe some girls cervix. caught me a little off guard. anyway, she happily offered that if we ever were having a bad day we could call her back in for another exam. HA.
so i took over this job maybe 2 weeks ago, coming to find out there was a whole massive mess to clear up with all 400+ girls on this ship needing to get those loverly (cringe ) appt's. its been an interesting week, dear god i will never do ob-gyn in the future, and kudos to doc and me going through EVERY chart to find out what was going on, then chasing down girls all over the ship... "hey guess what your doing today!?" anyway, we got a ton accomplished and it all worked out pretty well. beautiful.
now that any male...and female is cringing from reading this, next topic.
oh my, i can't believe the charges on those retirement home owners in louisiana... i mean i understand that moving that many unmovable people is damn near impossible, but the point would usually be to try...!?!?!
so today i'm on duty, not expecting a whole lot of excitement... duty meaning me and a couple others can't leave the ship till tomorrow and we take care of any of the people that hurt themselves or need a bandaid. mystery meat dinner is in 5 minutes... what funky meat did they come up with tonight!?!
caio caio;)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

(CONTINUE little la madd!!!)

of being here and on call basically) and the rest of the people who are around set up for the patient to come in. it was entertaining.. when in Sig the first night there were 2 med emergencies called within 5 minutes of eachother. everyone was pretty much back or just walking on the boat... i was already asleep. haha. so you have about 15 people running around trying to get to both these calls, one being outside on the pier, and setting up our 2 beds for whatever the heck is coming.... half of us in pj's, some in regular clothes... a couple actually in uniform..some just having gotten back in after drinking...eeek. they kinda stayed out of the way of course.. but it was entertainment seeing them sway back and forth trying to do simple stuff close doors... hahah. both the people were fine... but it was fun. you ever try to do an IV after being awake about 3 1/2 minutes?!! hahah. right. it was interesting. i miss the ER soooo much... i am going to do emergency one day. its great to learn what i'm learning... its keeping me busy and definately helping a ton. just i still miss san diego. and target. and coffee shops with flavors (ohhh lots of coffee- just no hazelnut of toffee nut or caramel or anything), and the mall. and my friends. miissssss yaaaaaaaa
ok your all asleep reading this i'm sure, so no more for now... will attempt to update you lovely's in the next 4 months..SMILE

little la maddelena

caio caio beautifuls. ok, i'm working on being a little better with the updates. it's not working very well, but i'm trying..i swear! so, i've been on this boat for almost 2 months now.... oh the getting used to actually being in the military again. i say that since i get reminded almost every day that a hospital definately doesn't act quite as much like the military as everywhere else. i could do my hair pretty much how i wanted, come and go as i pleased, live off base with no prob, introduce myself as aleah or red to my pt's i took care of every day. hahaha.. kick in the ass...a couple days ago i was informed that it was my last warning to get my foot and a half long hair like they wanted, within standards (if in a bun, it can't be more than 2 inches out from the head.. seriously, i'm not kidding that there's rules that intricate) that it was going to be cut and i was going to be written up or whatever else. yes, i've gotten a couple warnings, and i've changed the style, thinking i got it right that time, but my hair is big..what can i say? anyway, cara, i learned finally how to french braid... did it on myself (or anyone) for the first time this morning. french braid, tuck it in and tie the fro down and they're happy again.
so little la maddelena... it's cute little cobble stone streets and tiny shops and italian food (who woulda guessed that one..?) are everywhere. everything is within walking distance, or a little boat ride away. we went to sigonella for a week or so, surrounded by this boats very rare little underway for the week before and week after Sig. its awesome that we aren't going to ever go on 9 month deployments.just still, getting used to living on a floating piece of metal for weeks. it was good, i got to know a couple of fun friends that i've definately hung out with since. (one of whom i'm apparently married and pregnant with!.... ohhhh the rumors.. its worse than highschool x10)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

introducin aleahblog

Hello hello to all, this is the new trend going on, one which i have adopted from my big sis to update ya'lls on the crazy world i get to live! Especially the reasons for starting, i'm moving to Italy in a couple of weeks. more specific, actually Sardinia...a little island with a random USN base on it SW of italy. At the moment i'm in hometown of k-town keizer, oregon for the week hanging out with the parents and best buds from HS times. Today i got a ride on the harley lookalike out into the so-green countrysides of oregon ( been a while since i've seen this many trees)to drag races of old gorgeeeeous cars no newer than a '65. Unfortunately, it just wasn't the day for about 10 of them, 2 of them crashed and the rest stalled. The drivers were all fine, but those beautiful couple of 50's cars are looking like pretzels at the moment. creepy thing about it... one of the drivers looked just like a patient i took care of in the cancer ward and the ER on multiple occasions. Anyway, off to vegas for the first time in a couple days for my bro, Brandon's wedding getting married to awesome Melissa who we all adopted as part of our strange Mac family when we met her a couple of years ago. anyway, taking off to there for almost a week.. i've never been to vegas so we're gonna have some fun. hehehe. some cousins will be there and a couple random friends i know live there so on the days besides wedding fun i'm going to have vegas joy. i want to see the lights... so pretttty.!!
After all that excitement back to SD for a week or so and then flying to italy. Am i ready? not really. but i don't feel like i'm completely not prepared so thats good.. i'm not stressing about it! ha. i gave away my bed to my friend the other day and have actually attempted to go through my clothes to get rid of some of the stuff that proves i will always be a packrat. apparently some people i know possibly want my lovely car, diego.... i'm not sure why... i love him but the poor thing has like a 15 broken parts list ...that i can think of off the top of my head~!!
ok, done for now, more details and updates as they come to me... smile;)